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Helping to bring the people of the world together

Step 2


Either through email, Facebook, or our web site, send us a message and we will have our Volunteer Coordinator contact you.

Step 3

Get Trained

Receive training from OPH to prepare you in your volunteer role, whether it’s directly with the organization or on one of the projects.

Step 4

Change the World!

Share your time and individual talents with OPH through volunteering to make an impact with the understanding of our children’s needs forward

Our volunteers are the life and energy of all that we do at Operation Project HOPE. Year after year, hundreds of volunteers help make our schools and communities cleaner and more beautiful for the children that need it most. Children deserve clean, inspirational learning environments to grow and develop to their full potential. Join our volunteer team and help make a difference to our children.

Benefits of Volunteering:

Helping to bring the people of the world together is exciting, interesting, and rewarding work. For more than 5 years OPH Volunteers have been building bridges of intercultural understanding and changing the way the world works through a variety of volunteer opportunities with schools, children, and teachers through our beautification projects.

Expand intercultural education and understanding in your community.

Provide international and intercultural learning experiences to students, families, schools, and your community.

Learn about other cultures while sharing your own.

Impact the lives of students, families, and community members.

Build life-long connections and friendships with volunteers, families, students, and community members.